Sometimes people let you down. Sometimes they promise to provide certain information about price and ingredients and taste, and fail to deliver. Perhaps this is due to jet lag or laziness – the main thing is not to get hung up on the details and instead, focus on extremely close up photos of extremely pretty food. I have, rather conveniently, a few extremely close up photos of extremely pretty food which will hopefully take your mind off of my ineptitude as a food blogger. Please see below. 

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is located inside a flower shop in Omotesando, Tokyo. Filled with a whimsically overwhelming amount of flowers, leaves and vines and serving only tea (no coffee) and light bites (savoury and sweet) – this tea house is a calming refuge for those wishing for a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Fresh Mint Soda (¥ 756, approx £4)

The Fresh Mint Soda, both refreshing and pricey, is a little too sweet but pretty enough on the outside to make up for it. 

If I remembered what this was called, I would have added it here (¥ the price too)

I didn’t try this and have no idea what it tastes like so, for now, perhaps it’s best if you consider just how much it looks like a tiny portable underwater forest. 

French toast (¥ 756, approx £4)

One of the sweet dishes worth trying here is the French toast which comes with honey, cream, blueberries and cinnamon powder. I try to forget that it cost the same as my drink. 

Flower French Toast (¥ 918, approx £5)

Or, if you are feelin’ fancy, choose the pimped-up version loaded with fruit, walnuts, cream, ice cream and sunflower seeds. The toast is made with brioche like bread and is crisp on the outside and soft and EGGY on the inside – whilst the warm fruit and ice cream are perfect for inciting jealousy in those who ordered theirs sans flowers.  Feel free to ignore the sunflower seeds. I did. 

(There was no mention of any alcohol in the ingredients list on the menu for this dish, however, I did forget to double check with the waitress. Who are you calling a terrible Muslim?! Why I oughta…)

I’d definitely recommend checking out Aoyama Flower Market Tea House, especially if you are planning a trip to Tokyo sometime in the near fuchsia. This not-so-secret garden will leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy, with enough instagramming opportunities for you to come up roses.  And not a single mean green mother from outer space in sight.

Apologies for all the terrible puns, I guess it’s best if I just nip it in the bud (#sorrynotsorry).

5-1-2 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo


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