Tucked away in a tiny alcove-like-spot on muzeum kert in Budapest, lies a small cluster of shops that are about as quirky and hipster as a small cluster of shops in a tiny alcove-like-spot can be. One of these is Cukorka Sweetfabric, a bright-red SWEETSHOP that brings together a love for sugar and design in a way that manages to squeeze your eyeballs and pique your interest all at the same sucrose-filled time. The guys here offer a range of handmade sugary treats that are a mixture of traditional Hungarian recipes and modern concoctions, as well as workshops demonstrating exactly how they are made.

Candy-cane-like with walls that are half bright red and half a crisp, clean white, Cukorka looks as good as it’s colourful confectionary tastes.

After my usual prolonged harassment of staff, I found out that I could eat almost everything in the shop! Apart from the marshmallows and one sweet made with Hungarian wine, everything else is suitable for vegetarians and alcohol-free!


I love honeycomb, it’s a wonderful mix of crunchy and sweet.


Available in a variety of flavours (above is raspberry), these lollipops are made with a sweetener (I can’t remember what it’s called) instead of sugar, therefore are more suitable for people wishing to reduce their sugar intake/people with diabetes.


My brother bought these for his friend so I haven’t actually tried them (I just thought they looked very pretty). We were offered some free samples, but after having had our fill of hot chocolate and pastries, we (foolishly) declined. I imagine they taste rather nice. A great place to visit and stock up on gifts for friends, or just to see how their sweet things are made. I’d recommend checking out Cukorka and the other small pop-up like shops in this spot. 

Múzeum krt. 7, Budapest 1053, Pest, District 5


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