Fekete: of brothers and chocolate swirls

There’s a lot I wouldn’t do for my brother. I wouldn’t bother trying to convince anyone that he was too thin to eat, especially if we had just been abandoned by negligent parents for reasons that were, lets face it, probably his fault to begin with. I wouldn’t bring attention to his strange fondness for goats or dislocate his shoulder and kick him in the head in order to tell him that I love him. Nor would I tattoo my entire upper body just because he was accused of murdering the vice-president’s brother. In fact, I wouldn’t tattoo any part of my body. No surr. I would do none of these things.

However, after he left for university I realised that my parents love him more I would and could hang out with him and so, was actually looking forward to our last-minute-morning of gift shopping and coffee in Budapest. Fekete (meaning black/dark in Hungarian) is a coffee shop on muzeum kert owned by the same people as Cukorka, alzo it is trendy and cool, with an efficient yet aesthetically pleasing use of a minimal amount of space. 

Our pastry and bread arrived, delivered by a very politely bearded man who kept calling my brother Sir which didn’t make any sense because my brother used to lick shoes, thus relinquishing the right to be called anything as distinguished as Sir


I had my eye on a chocolate marshmallow cake that was oozing nicely. But then I remembered I dislike (suitable for vegetarian) marshmallows and so chose this powdered beauty instead. Flaky and chocolatey and nice enough for me to recommend.


I wanted to get a mocha but sadly there was no such thing. I tried to ask if I could get a shot of coffee added to some hot chocolate so I could get.my.fix but ultimately ended up confusing the barista and shaming my brother. Whatever, he used to lick shoes. After making them both wish I’d never stepped inside, I asked for a recommendation and was politely pointed towards the hot chocolate with lavender. Fekete offers two types of hot chocolate, one with lavender and one that is a cocoa blend, both sitting pretty in shiny golden bags. 

Feeling adventurous I (boldly) chose… 


Foamy. Really foamy. In a nice way. There was about an inch of tiny bubbles that made me more pleased than a grown woman should ever be when presented with tiny bubbles. The hot chocolate wasn’t overly sweet, which I liked, and smelled of lavender rather than tasted of it, which I also liked. It just wasn’t chocolatey enough for me, which was a shame because I like chocolate. Try the other golden bag I say. 

Go here!
With your brother!
Or, failing that, bribe a stranger to momentarily accompany you. 

1053, Budapest, Múzeum krt. 5.

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