Lamb Rice: HALAL STREET FOOD in Birmingham

Call me old-fashioned (and Asian) but I believe that there isn’t much a bowl (or plastic takeaway box) of warm, spiced meat and rice can’t provide. Hungry? Eat some Meat+Rice. Lacking protein? Go heavy on the meat in your Meat+Rice. Vegetarian? Rice. See? Almost all your problems can be solved with this wonderful combination. Right next to this bus stop in Birmingham…

…and slap-bang in the middle of the pavement, is a stall selling HALAL Meat+Rice! Roy loves the lamb rice from this place so much that she frequently gets some on the way home after a long day at her serious grown up job. I’m not too sure of the cuisine (Roy told me, quite racistly, that it was probably Iranian or something) or the details of their halal certification, but rest assured, I will get Roy to find it out. Once she’s attended a few sensitivity seminars.


I love chicken wings. Second only to the thigh, this part of the bird has a meat-to-bone-to-skin ratio that leaves a (well cooked) piece of chicken juicy and tender and soft. THESE wings were so tender that the meat slipped right off the bone and the sauce they were smothered in was spicy without being too vinegary or too sweet. Just how I like it.

LAMB RICE (£2.50)

A little greasier than expected, this was also filled with raisins that Roy and I scooped out and shoved to one side. Nevertheless, the rice was fragrant with a whole bunch of spices that I couldn’t identify, and had a reasonable number of tender chunks of lamb. Similar to some of the meat pilaos that my neighbours used to bring over when I was younger and a lot nicer, this was a tasty reminder of how simple, home-style cooking can leave you feeling happy and content. Especially when shared with a friend.

Halal Lamb Rice (that’s probably not the right name, but due to the lack of a sign it is the name I have given). Right next to the MK1 bus stop on Upper Dean Street, Boringham.


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