Ma’s Restaurant

Before I left for Hong Kong everyone warned me that I was going to struggle to find food that I could eat. Everyone. Halal food that ain’t Indian/Pakistani would be nigh on impossible. Plus I would probably end up eating some sort of secret pork. I was not to be dissuaded. ‘I’ll eat vegetables’ I said. ‘I’ll learn some Mandarin’ I said. (我不要/吃猪肉, wo bu yao/chi zhu rou. I don’t want/eat pig meat. Cantonese: 我唔食豬. ngóh m̀h’sihk jyū). Also, I did some extensive halal food googling which led me to Ma’s.

Recommended by many and enjoyed by more, I was looking forward to my first try of Xinjiang cuisine. Xinjiang cuisine is typical of the Uyghur people (turkic ethnic group living in eastern and central asia) who are predominantly Muslim, alzo the food tends to be halal, with dishes mainly using mutton, lamb and beef. Blearily, through a jet-lagged haze, Spoon and I ordered our main meals, but they were either aight or not great and our first sip of Hong Kong style milk tea was hot, bitter and disappointing. Thus, they will not be discussed any further. What I will expand upon is the…


Described on the menu as a DimSum dish of beef goulash, I was expecting a small bowl of meaty stew (I’d forgotten most of what I’d researched about Ma’s due to the feeling that my eyeballs were being pushed out of my face). However, what I got instead was a small, flat, fried pancake looking dumpling thing. I cut it in half and a whole mess of hot-stock-soup that came gushing out. It smelled amazing and tasted even better. The pastry was soft, well cooked and slightly crisp on the outside . Inside was a mix of beef, onions and some other stuff (probably garlic and ginger and spices?) which was tasty. The waitress was surprised when I foolishly ordered a single, solitary dumpling and only after I’d eaten it did I understand why. I should have ordered twelve. And then another twelve for the journey back. I would go back to Hong Kong for this.

Ma’s Restaurant
Shop 8, G/F, 197-199 Tong Mi Road, Prince Edward, Hong Kong

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