Mocha: Lee Rosy’s Tea

The ROAD TRIP. A coming-of-age milestone signalling freedom and adventure, immortalised in print and on-screen by classics such as On the Road, Little Miss Sunshine and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. My ideal roadtrip partner would be someone wise and world-weary, someone who had seen things, scary things, someone who had bested a DRAGON and lived to tell the tale. Instead, I journeyed with Sundarbans. We threw caution to the wind and decided upon a destination with reckless abandon, like many a stalwart adventurer before us. Drive through filet o’ fish in one hand and a fist clenched in brave anticipation for the other, we were ready, we were one with the road, we were on our way…to Nottingham. The relatively short drive had been relatively uneventful. I was really quite impressed with the tall lorries cool and Sundarbans hadn’t driven into anyone else, so all in all the first part of our sojourn had been rather successful. Once safe and sound and in the city centre, we chose to quench our thirst at Lee Rosy’s Tea. A quaint tea shop selling over 100 types of loose leaf tea, as well as other hot and cold drinks and snacks; this was the perfect place to rest our knees and lower backs. 

I sat down and couldn’t stop staring at what I initially assumed was a bowlful of pretty stones. On a table. In a cafe. Selling tea. I was all ‘hey Sundarbans! Look at these stones. I should put one in my mouth’.

Turns out it was sugar. Just the prettiest darn sugar I ever did see. So pretty I couldn’t resist adding some to my…


Even though it didn’t really need it. One of my favourite drinks, the Mocha brings together my love for chocolate and coffee in a delightfully warm and chocolately way. This one was delicious, although slightly too strong for me as I spent the rest of the day palpitating.

Sundarbans, tea, crumpets and THERMALS!!

Lee Rosy’s Tea
17 Broad Street Nottingham NG1 3AJ 


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