Vietnamese ICED COFFEE: East Street

Street Food! Cheap (supposedly), quick and tasty. I love street food but these days baby it sure is cold outside so hanging about the urban landscape in search of a meal isn’t quite as fun as being drenched in bucketloads of culture somewhere around Thailand/Malyasia/somewhere else hot and Asian (I haven’t been to any of these places). Alzo, a restaurant selling recreated versions of popular street/hawker dishes from Bangkok, Hanoi, Singapore and Tokyo, sounds like a cool place to go, you dig? And East Street sure is cool. With decor aimed at bringing flashbacks of that gap year you took (and all the things you can’t tell your mama that you did), projected anime and paper menus printed with maps of places that inspired the food you are about to eat, this place has atmosphere by the buttload. And this is coming from someone far too concerned with what’s on the plate to bother with anything as unnecessary as surroundings.

Aim and I both ordered Iced Vietnamese Coffee (£2.10) and somehow ended up with the hot version instead. It arrived dripping leisurely from diminutive metal filters onto a generous amount of sweet, sweet CONDENSED MILK. I hadn’t tried hot Vietnamese coffee before, so even though our order had been slightly wrong, we were happy to try it out.


Dark and strong, like how the Vietnamese do, it was just as I’d expected. I like coffee and I have an unhealthy love for CONDENSED MILK so no praahblems. However, our waiter very kindly then gave us some free drinks that were…


To perfection. Just how I like it.
(Although the large amount of coffee I consumed, in addition to the bubble tea that Spoon, MrSpoon and I later had meant that I stayed up way past my designated bedtime).

Pad Thai (£10.95!!). Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it.

East Street
East Street Restaurant 3-5 Rathbone Place London W1T 1HJ

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